Saturday, October 31, 2009

Neopets Scammers......

This morning I found that my neopets account has been hacked, sad...... I only remembered that yesterday I was searching for some neopets cheats, then I found one on youtube.

That scammer made some kind of portal to neopets and said that my inventory will be filled with rare items if I link to that portal and logged into my account. So I linked to that portal, then I was at a neopets login page, but the address bar wasn't

But anyway the page looked like neopets, so I just log in to try that cheat. That cheat didn't even work. When I log in to neopets and go to my bank the next day, I found that there is only 50,000np there. I have no idea how my 500,000np became 50,000np only. At first I thought its because the page isn't fully loaded so maybe another zero didn't came out. But after I refreshed the page a few times, I realized that it isn't because the page isn't fully loaded, its because someone hacked my neopets account.

I thought that guy only steal 450,000np, but I was wrong. After I checked my Safety Deposit Box, I found that all my rare items were gone, then when I checked my on neopets to make sure that they were okay. All of my neopets were unharmed accept that all of their battledome items were stolen. I don't know why I wasn't angry even though it took me quite some time to earn that much amount of np.

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